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1995 Honda Acty - The Starting Line Featured Vehicle

The Starting Line has recently imported this prime example of a an Acty Kei truck, finished in drab brown paint, with a five-speed manual gearbox and automatic four wheel drive. Like many contemporaries, this Honda comes in a boxy cab-over configuration with two seats, and a spacious bed with folding tailgate and sides. The "Street" van configuration was also available, replacing the bed with a seven-seat passenger compartment. A compact three cylinder engine and transaxle are mounted just behind the cabin, giving fairly even weight distribution and low center of gravity.

Until 2021, the Acty was at home in Japan, and comes with the typical right hand drive steering to show for it. Although the driving position can be awkward on American roads, there's plenty of visibility on all sides to make the adjustment comfortable. These Kei trucks feature light weight and low power, so are most comfortable driving through side streets, dirt paths, or open fields. The simple, efficient packaging makes them infinitely versatile. Perfect for camper conversions, conversions, small food trucks, or just throwing tires into at the track.

Beginning in 1990, the Acty received a slightly upsized 656 CC engine. This three cylinder powerplant is mechanically similar to the one found in the Honda Beat Kei sports car, featuring a single overhead camshaft with four valves per cylinder. It makes just over 50 horsepower, which is put to the ground with the simple floor-mounted stickshift and Honda's more complex Realtime 4WD. This computerized system automatically sends power to the front tires after detecting wheelspin. In conjuction with its under 2,000 pound weight, the four wheel drive makes this truck very difficult to get stuck.

Overall, this Acty has been driven nearly 83,000 kilometers (51,000 miles,) and has obviously been well-maintained through its 26-year life. All the touch points, hinges, and tailgate latches feel tight as a drum, and the paint is free from any scratches. The only sure signs of wear on the truck are some discoloration and small tears on the driver's seat.

This 1995 Honda Acty is United States road legal under the 25 year import rule, and can be purschased for just $7,000. E-mail The Starting Line via, or call at (434) 830-1183 to ask for information or make a buying offer. You can also stop by our shop adjacent to VIR at 1081 Ace Drive, Alton, VA 24520 to check out the Acty or its Subaru Sambar companion in person.


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