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2015 Corvette Z06 - The Starting Line Featured Vehicle

This penultimate iteration of the Z06 package supercharges the nimble Corvette to over 600 horsepower. A wide track and improved aerodynamics keep this C7 glued to the road, allowing it to deliver world-beating performance in the hands of a competent driver. This example comes in beautiful Elkhart Lake Blue Metallic paint, with about 32,000 miles on the clock.

The Z06 package was conceived to deliver an incredible amount of performance per dollar, and this C7 is no different. It can effortlessly keep up with the best of Porsche, Ferrari, and McLaren on the street and track. 0-60 is delivered in just over three seconds flat, with quarter mile times in the low 11s. Car and Driver magazine regularly tests the best supercars at The Starting Line's home of VIR, and the 2015 Z06 currently holds their 15th fastest time. At 2:44.6, it bests the 2020 Lamborghini Huracan and Ferrari 488 GTB.

The most obvious advantage over the standard C7 comes from the car's supercharged LT4 engine. This powerplant takes the ubiquitous 6.2-liter pushrod V8 and boosts it to a rated 650 horsepower and 650 pounds of torque. A large radiator, intercoolers, and forged components keep the assembly reliable up to 6,600 RPM. Additionally, this car has received intake and exhaust mods to let it breathe even easier than the factory model. The C7 was the first Z06 to gain an automatic transmission option. Our example, however, comes equipped with the slick seven-speed manual.

Just as important as it's powerful engine are the Z06's handling upgrades, starting with the wide fender arches wrapping 335 millimeter wide Michelin sport tires. Under the tires are massive vented brakes to reliability slow the car from speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour. Magnetic ride shocks allow the suspension to perform hard cornering and soak up road imperfections all at once, while NASCAR-style spoiler at the front and rear provide downforce and give the car a muscular appearance. Carbon fiber roof and hood panels keep weight to a nimble 3,500 pounds.

Current asking price for this brilliant 2015 Corvette Z06 is $69,900. Reach The Starting Line at (434) 830-1183 or to inquire and schedule a test drive.

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