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2018 Porsche GT3 Touring - The Starting Line Featured Vehicle

One of our most favorite Porsche 911 configurations, the GT3 touring package mates a high-revving naturally aspirated flat six to a crisp six-speed manual transmission. This 2018 991.2 model is just broken in, with less than 4,000 miles on the odometer. It's ready to hit the highway or curvy backroads on delivery.

Compared to other GT3s or Turbos, the Touring comes with a much more reserved, low-profile look. It could be mistaken for a Carrera at a glance, if not for the significantly larger haunches housing 305-wide Michelin Sport Cup tires in the rear. This car deletes the standard GT3 and RS' big wings, for a hideaway hydraulic spoiler which can be deployed automatically at highway speed, or manually with a button press.

The subtle cues continue with this car's GT silver paint, which looks brilliant in golden sun. Red accents throughout the interior also add a little spice to the mix. The optioned front axle lift also makes clearing speed bumps and parking lips a (relative) breeze.

Inside, the rear seats are deleted, as they are in every GT3. While the standard package can be optioned with either a seven-speed PDK, or six-speed stickshift, and the RS just gets PDK, the touring package can only be spec'd with the three pedal gearbox. Compared to our contemporary GT3 RS Weissach, this car's sport seats are much more daily-drivable than the deep carbon buckets. Road noise is also less apparent, even though it has the same massive tires as the RS. The Touring carries some extra pounds around the midsection, and top speed is reduced from 199 miles per hour to 196, but those factors are hardly noticeable on the street.

Sitting between those wide haunches is the same engine found in the base GT3: A four-liter boxer which puts down 493 horsepower and sings up to 9,000 RPM. 60 miles per hour arrives in just under four seconds, about a half-second penalty compared to the automated transmission. Overall, this touring package rounds off some of the GT3's edginess, and creates a Porsche you'll be be looking for excuses to drive every day.

The Starting Line is listing this 2018 Porsche GT3 Touring for $254,999. Give us a call at (434) 830-1183 for inquiries, additional information, or to schedule a test drive. The car is currently being stored at our garage in the Washington DC area.

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