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Introducing Our VIP Track Service

The Starting Line's sister company, RSC Motors is thrilled to announce our VIP track service, which will be implemented very soon. We've partnered with Skyway Air Taxis to quickly and comfortably bring Washington DC-area enthusiasts to the Virginia International Raceway in just a couple hours.

Image by Cirrus Aircraft

The Cirrus SR22 aircraft that Skyway employ are some of the most trusted models in charter flights. Each one can carry two crew, two passengers, and some luggage up to speeds of 200 miles per hour. With a 300-horsepower air-cooled flat six powering the single prop up front. Once the plane lands at Danville airport, we will have a ground shuttle waiting for you to complete the last miles of the journey to VIR.

In addition to the air taxi, we can help organize things like car transport and lodging. We'll assist in booking a room at VIR's onsite lodge, or another local hotel. Our trips can fit within one day, or go for up to three days at a time, depending on your personal schedule and what kind of event you'll be attending. Our RSC car hauler can carry one two vehicles, depending on sizes, and will arrive at the track in time to hop in the car and go.

Below we have an example of a typical one-day track experience for beginning drivers:

0830 Arrive at Potomac Airfield, Friendly, MD

0900 Depart Potomac Airfield via Skyway Air Taxi

1015 Land at Danville Airport

1030 Shuttle Transfer to VIR

1100 Check in at Gate 1115 Arrive at RSC Motors Hospitality Tent 1130 Participate in Driver Safety Meeting 1200 Drive in Parade Laps 1230 Lunch with VIR Club 1300 Hi-Speed Ridealong Experience 1300-1315 Group One 1315-1320 Pit In 1320-1335 Group Two 1335 Pit In / Cool Down 1345 Wrap Up Trackside 1400 Shuttle to The Starting Line

Relax in Lounge

1500 Shuttle to Danville Airport

1530 Depart Danville via Skyway Air Taxi

1645 Arrive Potomac Airfield

1700 End of Day

Contact RSC Motors via E-mail at or phone us at (703) 705-2676‬ for additional information and booking.

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